Ways to get fresh skin

Ways to get fresh skin, Ways to get fresh skin, keep your skin fresh and shining,

do not need big money, by using the right products and maintaining some simple daily

habits, you can maintain the look and freshness of your skin throughout the life, these

simple steps guarantee that.


How do I get bright and fresh skin?

Pay attention to the shower water:

The high levels of chlorine in the water destroy the skin cells and rid them of their natural oils,

as well as cause inflammation. To avoid the effect of chlorine, you can install a filter over the

shower nozzle to filter the water before it comes into contact with the skin, then use natural oils,

such as olive oil, to massage the entire skin immediately after finishing the shower.


Use sunscreen (Sun Block):

Direct exposure to sunlight causes infections, tanning, melasma and many other problems, so

using a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type permanently protects your skin from sun damage.


Limit chewing gum for long periods:

Chewing frankincense usually does not seem harmful, but it has many benefits, the most

important of which is relieving stress. Despite this, chewing frankincense for long times presses

the skin around the mouth and leads to wrinkles in this area. And if you rely on frankincense

to overcome imaginary hunger, you can replace it with a cup of mint and reduce its use as

much as you can Ways to get fresh skin.


Eat iced products:

Vegetables and fruits contain many important antioxidants to maintain the freshness of the skin

and protect the skin from damage. Fruits such as cranberries, strawberries, and other types that

contain high levels of antioxidants are best bought frozen from the store. Frozen fruits retain

antioxidant levels as they are frozen once the crop is harvested. As for the ones you get fresh

from the store, it takes a long time to reach you and during this period the antioxidants decrease

significantly Ways to get fresh skin.


Take care of the neck area:

An American study found that the average number of times we look down on the mobile phone

150 times a day, and the more we look down the more likely the formation of wrinkles and lines

in the neck, so dermatologists advise when looking at the phone to put it on one line with the

eye, not down.


Eat a balanced diet:

Sticking to a balanced diet while exercising, maintains the freshness of the skin and protects it

from the sagging wrinkles and wrinkles it develops over time.


Use silk fabric:

There is no need to get rid of cotton bedspreads, but by using simple silk fabrics, make a pillow cover and you will not imagine the effect of this on the freshness and protection of your face skin, as silk reduces the friction between the facial skin and the cotton pad, which helps in overcoming the wrinkles of the skin.

Pay attention to what you’re taking:

Certain medications, such as birth control pills, fertility drugs, antibiotics, etc., bring a lot of damage to your skin, in addition to some types such as: antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics that cause dry skin. If you find your skin is changing and affected when you start taking your own medicine, talk to your doctor about the type of medicine and the possibility of changing it.


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