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Healthy Diet Weight Loss

healthy diet Weight Loss, The best healthy diet to lose weight, this system prepared by nutritionists in healthy and determines the quality of food and meal times for a healthy and effective diet. When starting the diet, be sure to take three basic meals. Deleting any meal will delay weight loss. As for snacks or snacks, they prevent hunger. It is possible to eat between two and three snacks a day in order to succeed in losing weight.


A model for healthy breakfast and helps in losing weight in: Oats with milk This breakfast is easy to prepare and eat at home, takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. It is necessary to take breakfast before eleven in the morning.

The first snack

Healthy Diet For Weight Loss Two hours after breakfast: a fresh piece of fruit like a banana, apple, orange, strawberry..or dried like 3 dates, figs, peaches, and two tablespoons of raisins.

the lunch

  • A bowl of vegetable salad, sour sauce, olive oil, and add a little. Mixed vegetable salad, fattoush, or watercress salad.
  • Then the main course is grilled hamour or grilled shrimp, salmon or chicken, tuna, tawook. Lunch timing between one in the afternoon and five in the afternoon.

A second snack

Two hours after lunch: a piece of fresh or dried fruit such as 3 dates, figs, peaches, and two tablespoons of raisins.


Vegetable salad bowl can be very simple, meaning tomato, cucumber, onion, olive oil, salt and lemon.

Two to three whole wheat bread

A box of medium tuna, 3 pieces low-fat white cheese or 2 grilled shish tawook skewer or 2 boiled or fried eggs with a little olive oil.

A third snack

Two hours after dinner: a piece of fruit.

Healthy Diet Weight Loss

In addition to these types, drink three liters of water per day. And eat fish twice a week. Systems that depend on starvation of the body do not give a special result in the long run. So if you feel hungry, increase your portion of fish, chicken or eggs. Following this diet will help you lose weight without feeling hungry and healthy.

Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

This diet is mainly based on eating raw fruits, and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds can also be eaten in moderation, but other types of food such as grains and legumes are very limited, or they are completely eliminated in this diet, and cooked food is avoided from any Type, Healthy Diet For Weight Loss including cooked fruits. But this system is one of the systems that give rise to controversy among nutritionists because it lacks many important elements for the health of the body, as it may expose the body to some risks.

Diet dates and water

You can eat a moderate amount of dates, for example, two exercises with two cups of water half an hour before meals, this helps to avoid excessive eating, Healthy Diet For Weight Loss as it gives the body most of the sugars it needs and promotes a feeling of satiety. This is because when the body begins to absorb the high nutritional value of dates, the feeling of hunger decreases significantly, and thus the intake of food in meals decreases, while maintaining an appropriate energy and activity rate for the body.

Diet water and lemon

Among the most common types of dieting on the communication sites is the presence of a diet diet using water and lemon slices, Healthy Diet For Weight Loss and this system is of great effectiveness but has some bad health effects due to excessive consumption of lemons, such as the negative effects of patients with reflux and stomach diseases, as it can harm teeth.


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